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Solving Your Drywood Termite Problem

Have you experienced painful scenario of spending treatments for termite infestation but to only realise you seem to be getting outbreaks in other parts of your home? There are many possibilities in going through re-infestation or ineffective treatments.

However, another critical reason is because as layman, we get confused with the right kind of pest species invading our home. For instance, is that ants or termites? In fact, even termites have different species that attack different parts of your home, display different symptom signs and cause different damaging risks impact.

The question is, is there damage on your door, wall, flooring or kitchen cabinets? What do you see?

Yes, there are actually 2 different species of termites that cause different damages and symptoms at different areas – Drywood Termite and Subterranean Termite.

Drywood Termite Foaming Treatment


The good news, there is a solution to help manage drywood termite frustration — Rentokil Drywood Termite Foaming Treatment.

The foaming treatment works as an enhanced formulation used in residual spraying to control drywood termites. The chemical has a unique mode of action, which causes muscle paralysis in termites to prevent them from feeding, hence ceasing further damages to your home or wooden furniture.

The treatment is effective in eliminating drywood termites as the foam lathers to a no-drip texture to allow the chemical to penetrate and expand deeper into difficult to reach spots in the termite galleries.

However, as most homes consist of wood structures, or home decors that may increase the risks of termite infestation, it is good to engage a proper and adequate termite protection that prevents further damage to the home. Find out more on the 7 years warranty termite protection program.

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