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Online Reporting (PestNetOnline PNOL)

We invest in R&D and utilise advanced technology to tailor innovative solutions such as PestNetOnline (PNOL). This puts the status of all your pest control measures online for you to monitor remotely over the Internet wherever and whenever you wish. Sectors such as retail food chain, pharmaceutical, industrial and manufacturing, food processing can benefit from PNOL.

Why do you need PNOL?

  • An instant easy to read site plan of your protection network in a time saving visual format

  • An easy to follow audit trail demonstrating how seriously you take protection, the measures you have in place, and how they have performed

  • A detailed history of activity — demonstrating your due diligence by recording all the action taken

  • Trend analysis — allowing potential risks to be anticipated and preventive measures taken.

  • Customised reporting which is ideal for multi –site users

  • Easy identification on pest control coverage and inspection activities based on the site plan

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