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Sanitisation and Disinfectant Service

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Sanitisation and Disinfectant Service

Rodents carry pathogens that can pose health and safety risks. These pests transmit potentially harmful diseases to humans through the consumption of contaminated food and water, contact with open wounds or by breathing in airborne allergens.

Additionally, most coronaviruses such as the COVID-19 can also spread through droplet transmission. These viruses lead to respiratory tract illnesses such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Fast Response Required

Utilising Tea Tree Oil to reduce disease-causing organisms

Rentokil’s Tea Tree Oil sanitising treatment is safe to apply on all surfaces including metals, plastics and fabric to remove harmful micro-organisms. It provides long-term protection against the spread of diseases.

Environmentally-friendly solution that effectively removes viruses, bacteria and fungi without harming humans and pets.

Effectively remove most viruses and bacteria and fungi.

Ability to treat small or large areas including hard to reach gaps and spaces such as the ceiling.

Safe to be used in outdoor environments including playgrounds, sports fields/turfs and backyards.

Surface Shield Sanitisation Treatment

Commercial and residential premises are places of high human traffic. This may result in highly contaminated common surfaces including desks, chairs, counters and toys. An effective surface sanitation through Rentokil’s disinfection misting treatment reduces disease-causing pathogens and provides you with a peace of mind.

The water-based and solvent-free formula leave no fragrance or traces of staining after the treatment.

Proven to last up to 30 days. Routine cleaning will not disrupt the antimicrobial activity and effectiveness.

Effectively removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses, Influenza A, E.coli and Staphylococcus.

With food-safe ingredients, the treatment is safe to be applied indoor to a wide range of locations including offices, schools and homes.