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Termites in Singapore (also known as ‘white ants’) thrive and grow very well in our tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall. There are two main species of termites capable of causing extensive damage, leading to costly repairs and structural failure.

The two species of termites in Singapore are the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. Regardless of the species, both can feed on wood for 24 hours a day without resting.

Where do termites in Singapore come from?

Underground Soil

(Subterranean termites)

Infested Wooden Furniture

(Drywood termites)

Travel via Mud Tubes

(Subterranean termites)

Flying Alates

(Termites with wings)

What happens with termites?

Pile of powdery wood: Evidence of drywood termite activity

Electrical wirings can be damaged, posing fire risks

Termites feed from the inside out & consume beyond timber

Termite damage not only weakens structure, it also brings large financial implications

Rentokil’s termite control solutions

Termite control and termite treatment in Singapore require professionally trained specialists who have good understanding of the biology, living and feeding habits of termites in Singapore.

Rentokil Singapore is a leading pest control company and pest specialist who is able to design different termite control solutions for different needs. Our termite control treatment is backed by Rentokil Termite Warranty.

Treat Drywood Termites with Foaming Technology for Enhanced Control

Treat Subterranean Termites with 7 Years Warranty Termite Solution

Baiting system to monitor underground activities & eliminate colony

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